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Want to RENT A Home in Bear Creek Lake

There are Two Types of Rentals In Bear Creek Lake in the Poconos

Vacation Rentals, Called Short Term Rentals.

Poconos Vacation Rentals can be booked or reserved through our affiliate site Booking.com on the reservation system above. We partner with Booking.com because they have the largest selection of immediately available rental homes in the Poconos. From Ski homes to lake fronts to Poconos cabins in the woods, you can find the perfect family vacation. Click aove for rentals in the Poconos and in Bear Creek Lake, generally 2-30 nights. You can search, reserve and get an immediate confirmation. We’ve included Poconos hotels and inns in this selection, but just look on the left of the search and you’ll see you can sort by Vacation homes. It’s quick and easy. 



Yearly Rentals – for longer than 30 days.

For yearly rentals, you will want to contact an agent at USA Realty who can then guide you through the yearly rental process. this generally includes a credit check work verification and references. There is sometimes a fee for the credit check and most times there is at least a one month security deposit (sometimes 2 months)



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